Apr. 3rd, 2012

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Harry Potter: Page to ScreenHarry Potter: Page to Screen, the Complete Filmmaking Journey by Bob McCabe.

Hi, my name is Katy, and I am a Harry Potter fan. I have friends who are bigger fans – I checked this book out of the library rather than buying it myself. But still. I got on the hold list so that I was the very first person to check this book out, and I read it. It is a gigantic heavy tome of a book, with big pictures and tiny print and I read a potentially embarrassing amount of the print. This is truly a book for the fan. There is no criticism here – you will find no hint, for example, that Chris Columbus might not have been as good a Harry Potter director as Alfonso Cuaron. Instead, there are lots of pictures, photographs, sketches, mock-ups, things that were made but never used. It goes through film by film before covering individual characters, locations, creatures and artifacts. Curiously missing in this otherwise comprehensive coverage is any mention of the composers who wrote the beautiful music and any talk of the real animals, especially the owls, which featured in the films. I enjoyed it. I got to tell all my fellow Harry Potter fans how, for example, Cuaron assigned the three leads to write autobiographical essays in character – Emma Watson writing a bio of Hermione as Hermione, for example. Watson’s essay got longer with every draft; Radcliffe said it was a useful exercise. Grint, who played Ron, didn’t do one at all because Ron never would. As a bonus, flipping through the pictures made the Boy excited enough to listen to the first book at home – still long for his out-of-the-car listening.

As a slight follow-up to my earlier knitting and Harry Potter fan post, I have not knit any of the larger projects from the book, though I still think my son would look fabulous in a Weasley sweater. I have knit two of the baby/elf hats, and several teeny-tiny Harry Potter sweater ornaments, though I knit them in the round instead of following their pattern.


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