Apr. 10th, 2012

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I was so excited to get a review copy that I had to post a review here, even if I was sent the review copy in order to purchase it for the library, which I can’t do, because it’s clearly a teen or tween book, and I only get to buy the adult gns.

JinxJinx: Little Jinx Grows Up Written by J. Torres. Pencils by Rick Burchett. Inks by Terry Austin.
Li’l Jinx, a young tomboy, featured in her own comic from Archie comics starting in the 1940s. This new book stars a Jinx starting high school in the modern era. The notes say that the story is trying to be “real, not ideal”. It felt like a teenaged version of Ramona or Clementine, with four episodic yet chronological chapters recounting Jinx’s misadventures put together. Jinx deals with her friends and acknowledged “frenemies”. She gets her cell phone confiscated for texting in school, tries out for the boy’s football team with unfortunate results, and tries to figure out what it means when kissing her best friend Greg doesn’t result in an instant romance. It felt- well, maybe real with sugar added. It doesn’t stint on teen awkwardness and embarrassment, but there isn’t anything about, say, serious bullying or death. This is the kind of high school you’d want to experience yourself, and is perfect for those who are happy to read light-hearted school anecdotes. It might not be quite as realistic as the authors seem to be hoping, but I certainly enjoyed my time hanging out with Jinx and her friends.

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